I've been building and living on narrowboats for five years. If narrowboats interest you, perhaps some of my ideas (and mistakes) will be of help.

Narrowboat Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger

My current home

Narrowboat Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

My first boat and a major restoration project

Green woodwork

My latest interest, the timeless skill of green wood craft and carpentry is facinating, fulfilling and eco-friendly.


I've been lucky enough to enjoy rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing all over the place. Here are some random nuggets of information that may be useful to you:




The Fogies

Online club for ex-members of Imperial College S&G / Outdoor Club.

Offwidth the good old stuff


This website started out as a resource for climbers, and though it's not been updated for a good while all the info is still here:

* I no longer make any attempt to keep these up to date


Being a bit of a bike nut, but also skint, I have learned a lot about restoring old and damaged bikes. Here you will find info on the bikes I have owned and loved (or hated), and how to repair and service them.

Yamaha Thundercat

Yamaha Thundercat

Still my favourite, what a fantastic machine!

Yamaha Thundercat II

Yamaha Thundercat II

Bought, fixed up, sold for modest profit

Honda CRM250

Honda CRM250 mark II

Bought in complete state, fixed up eventually, sold for modest loss.

Kawasaki Z500

Kawasaki Z500

First foray into 'vintage' bikes. Cost: 180. Not worth the money.

Kawasaki ZZR1100

Kawasaki ZZR1100

The one I wish I had kept. Despite having to spend s on having the frame straightened!


Bits and bobs



Hate 'em or hate 'em, computers are a good way to earn a little cash. Here are a few feeble IT offerings of mine.

  • Form maker If you need to code HTML forms, this gadget makes life a lot easier.
  • Sudoku solver Created in an attempt to win a DAB radio. Solves most 9x9 Sudoku puzzles, which only serves to highlight their utter pointlessness.

Crimes Against Music

crimes against music

Most college bands are pretty bad. Ours was a lot worse than that.